All of our animals have had a thorough health check and are temperament tested. We also have a very skilled exotics veterinarian. They're all required to take meals, express normal behavior, and perform bodily function prior to being eligible for adoption. If you're interested in adopting any of our animals, please fill out the Contact Us form. Currently, you may find adoptables on our Facebook page.

Adoption Procedure:

-As an adopter, you'll fill out the 'Contact Us' form via this website along with photos and/or video submission of your setup prepared for the animal you wish to adopt. We will politely advise you if modifications are necessary. Proof of a proper setup is required. If you need advice on how to create the ideal environment or need time to create your setup for your new pet, please feel free to give us a call and/or leave that information in the notations. Certain animals such a large constrictors that require permits, parrots, and first-time reptile/exotic pet owners do require a phone interview. Due to the enormous size a sulcata tortoise will obtain, you must own your home to be eligible to adopt one. We are an extremely high volume rescue, so please give us time to return your outreach. Should you not receive a response, please feel free to text the rescue.

-Adoption fees are associated with all animals. You may text or pm us on Facebook for specific adoption fees. Please note that we are a 501(c)3 nonprofit and adoption fees and donations aid us in everything we do for these animals. And yes, we consistently ask for your help and couldn't be more appreciative of it! 

-Once your form and setup has been approved, the adoption fee is to be donated via our website by clicking on 'Make a Donation' on the home page. Why do adoption fees have to be donated online? Primarily because it's safer for us and for the animals. You'll input the donation amount and notate what the donation is for - For example, if you're adopting a bearded dragon, you'll type in the notations "Adoption fee donation for female bearded dragon." Your email confirmation will serve as your tax deductible receipt. Our adoption fees are incredibly fair, especially in comparison to what you could purchase these animals for. Consider donating more than our asking adoption fee. We'd love you for it! There's no obligation to do so, however. Every little bit helps. 

-We'll then schedule a day and time with you to come and pick up your new baby! The pickup location is in Conroe and the address is provided upon scheduled pickup/drop off. Please note that unless there are extenuating circumstances, we do expect your new family addition to be picked up in 5-7 days.

-Upon pickup, you will be asked to sign a disclaimer stating that the animal is not to be bred, sold, traded, or given away. If ever unwanted or cannot be provided for, the animal is to be surrendered back to TRSAR. There is absolutely no judgement for having to surrender an adopted animal. You also have our full discretion. This is very important to our cause. As rescuers, we strive to eliminate animal flipping, animal hoarding, and essentially decrease the quantity of animals in need of rescue - We want our rescues placed in permanent, loving, qualified homes.