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Director | Tegu, monitor, iguana lizard, and parrot enthusiast

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As we bounce back from Hurricane Harvey, our urgent needs are monetary donations to aid in the building of custom outdoor iguana aviaries. Our project will cost $1,000. Iguanas thrive outdoors and we want to be able to provide our rescue iguanas everything that they deserve! Please consider donating so that you can help us help them.Thank you for your continued support!



Donations aid us in everything we do for these animals. Your generosity literally helps save lives. Please consider donating to our cause today. All donations are tax deductible. From our rescue animals to you, thank you for your continued support.

  • Reptile socializing
  • Rehabilitation of non-native species
  • Large lizard behavioral understanding
  • Supporting Facebook group 

We are so proud to announce that we are now partnered with Amazon Smile. By clicking the link below and assigning the rescue as your favorite charity, Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchase total! All purchases must be made through the Amazon Smile site, versus the general Amazon site. Your purchases still qualify for Prime and all so, get to shopping! :D

  • Fun, hands-on educational meetups
  • Community outreach events 
  • Assisting in overcoming fear of reptiles
  • Animal husbandry advice 


Volunteer | Large constrictor and exotic mammal enthusiast   

"May" is a gorgeous boa constrictor that came to us very healthy and happy. Like all red tails, these snakes do have a tendency to get quite large. "May" is very curious, friendly, and has beautiful contrast in her saddles. Won't you be "May's" adopter today?

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TRSAR is a female directed 501(c)3 nonprofit rescue that services the state of Texas. We are one of the few 501(c)3 rescues in the Houston area and the first dedicated to reptiles. Directed by Nikki Pesek, we have worked with reptiles and exotics for over 30 years. TRSAR intakes unwanted pets and rescues. We rehabilitate, provide a wellness check, temperament test, socialize, and then adopt out our animals to qualified forever homes. We are committed to captive animal husbandry and are proud to diligently partner with local shelters to ensure seized animals are given a second chance. 

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